Monday, November 17, 2008


This past weekend, I made several attempts at writing music.  Though I felt a pretty strong urge, it wasn't coming easily, and all I was coming up with was crap. Frustrated, I would quit before too long.

But last night I tried again, and--despite (perhaps because of) being in a pissy mood, I actually got some quality stuff written. Only three minutes of it... but it was a worthwhile start, and I'm positive it will resolve itself as a decent track.

There's an odd little euphoria that comes with writing decent music, even if it's unfinished, unrefined material. ...Hopefully this will lead to an easier time of completing it in the weeks ahead.

I would like my next release to be shy of a "full album". I envision four really strong tracks, a'la the "Pasta EP" on Kahvi: one of my favorites.