Thursday, October 28, 2010

Studio Update

Here's what I want my music-production studio to look like (bold means I don't own it yet):
  • ReMote (controller 1)
  • LaunchPad (controller 2)
  • iMac (computer)
  • Studiophile DX4 (monitors)
  • HD555 (headphones)
  • Blue Yeti (mic)
  • Ableton Live (mixer) [I am stuck at version 6, want to upgrade]
  • Snapper (editor)
  • Omnisphere (rompler 1, modular 1)
  • Surge (wavetable 1)
  • Komplete (wavetable 2, fm, effects, modular 2, rompler 2)
  • Rapture (digital)
  • Morphine (additive)
  • Helix (wavetable 3. Hey... I love WTs!)
  • Stylus RMX (drum loops)
  • MicroTonic (synth drums 1)
  • Drumaxx (synth drums 2)
  • FabFilter Creative Package (analog sound 1, delay/phase/flange/filter)
  • Predator (analog sound 2)
  • Albino (hybrid sound)
  • Zebra (modular 3)
...So the "elegant" solution here is a concept of patronage. I like and support and use hardware from Apple, Novation, M-Audio, Sennheiser, Blue; and software from Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, FabFilter, and to a lesser extent, Image Line; and three of my favorite synth developers: Claes Johanson, René Ceballos, Magnus Lindström, Urs Heckman, and Rob Papen*. ...and quite possibly Jonas Norbergs, though it's a little early to say. :)

It's also worth mentioning that I'm clearly trying to be "a software guy". I love Access, Elektron and Waldorf hardware, but I cannot justify the cost for it, since this is only a hobby for me. :)

I won't be getting all of the products from all of these sources, of course. I don't need everything. But these are the ones I watch, the ones I support, and the ones whose stuff I use most (and most proudly).

So there.