Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay, I promised I wasn't interested in new synths... but I admit, my curiosity is piqued many times over by the NAMM announcements.

I've long, long wanted a good Waldorf softsynth (and came -> this <-  close to purchasing Komplexer because of it*), so the coolest release for me is Waldorf's largo. I will be watching this closely... but I must admit, my lust for Waldorf has tapered off in recent years (because of Access).

The new Minimoog V2  looks wicked... and is another synth that was on my very-very short list when I was in the market.

The D.CAM trio sounds like it may be worth looking into... if it really sounds as good as they claim it will.  But I'm not sure that will be worth looking into if...

ImpOSCar 2 pans out.  I actually sold my copy of impOSCar 1, but if they put more features into it with the same great filter, I might want it back.  Maybe.

I could end up with one or two of those in my studio... in a few years (got some big-ticket items to buy, first).

* Quite glad I didn't; support for it has completely disappeared.

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