Thursday, October 28, 2010

Studio Update

Here's what I want my music-production studio to look like (bold means I don't own it yet):
  • ReMote (controller 1)
  • LaunchPad (controller 2)
  • iMac (computer)
  • Studiophile DX4 (monitors)
  • HD555 (headphones)
  • Blue Yeti (mic)
  • Ableton Live (mixer) [I am stuck at version 6, want to upgrade]
  • Snapper (editor)
  • Omnisphere (rompler 1, modular 1)
  • Surge (wavetable 1)
  • Komplete (wavetable 2, fm, effects, modular 2, rompler 2)
  • Rapture (digital)
  • Morphine (additive)
  • Helix (wavetable 3. Hey... I love WTs!)
  • Stylus RMX (drum loops)
  • MicroTonic (synth drums 1)
  • Drumaxx (synth drums 2)
  • FabFilter Creative Package (analog sound 1, delay/phase/flange/filter)
  • Predator (analog sound 2)
  • Albino (hybrid sound)
  • Zebra (modular 3)
...So the "elegant" solution here is a concept of patronage. I like and support and use hardware from Apple, Novation, M-Audio, Sennheiser, Blue; and software from Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, FabFilter, and to a lesser extent, Image Line; and three of my favorite synth developers: Claes Johanson, René Ceballos, Magnus Lindström, Urs Heckman, and Rob Papen*. ...and quite possibly Jonas Norbergs, though it's a little early to say. :)

It's also worth mentioning that I'm clearly trying to be "a software guy". I love Access, Elektron and Waldorf hardware, but I cannot justify the cost for it, since this is only a hobby for me. :)

I won't be getting all of the products from all of these sources, of course. I don't need everything. But these are the ones I watch, the ones I support, and the ones whose stuff I use most (and most proudly).

So there.


russ said...

Hi Jeremy,
I have recently discovered your music and really liked it, especially your work under the introspective name, however I cannot find it anywhere to buy/download-not even ebay! Can you help me at all?
Russ from Ireland

Jeremy Rice said...

You cannot buy the music; it is only available for free through sites like and


russ said...

Brilliant! Thanks, good to hear it in better quality than youtubes mono crunch, this guy has put your music to some of his videos of raw ww2 colour footage:

This is how I found your music, he has been forced to remove videos due to copyright problems which meant your music was also dissappearing, he(Vincent Romano) told me that he downloaded them from a site which does not exist anymore and my searches on the internet only dug up a few new tracks.
Thanks again

Jeremy Rice said...

Coincidentally, I just found those videos the other day, but thanks for the reference. Releasing music for free does mean that occasionally one stumbles upon their own stuff. :)

I do hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for the comments.