Sunday, April 27, 2008


Blogger has been pissing me off lately, being frequently inaccessible.  I mean, it's fine that I can post via email without trouble... but that means I can't include images, which makes this blog look pretty boring.  So I apologize for the drab string of text-only posts.

This weekend, decided to identify some very specific influences for the music I'm about to write.  I listened to my entire collection, evaluating each track for whether it was something that wanted my own music to emulate.  (This was faster than it sounds.)  It yielded 140 tracks.

I wanted to hone the list a bit more.  So I made a second list, and pulled from the first one only those tracks that deeply moved me, and from which I must pull as much influence as possible.  The result was 44 tracks:
  • 1 Afro Celt Sound System
  • 1 Astral Projection
  • 1 Bad Loop and Recue (uhhh... it's a 1-hour track, though)
  • 7 of my own tracks, from various "eras"
  • 1 track from a Waldorf demo site.  Yes, really.
  • 2 Depeche Mode
  • 1 esem... this was a little surprising.  I thought there would be a lot more.
  • 1 Giles Reaves
  • 1 Ian Boddy and Robert Rich
  • 8 Nine Inch Nails.  (Look out.)
  • 1 from t.wilton (of NOISE)
  • 1 Pink Floyd
  • 1 Puff Dragon
  • 1 Seal
  • 2 Shpongle
  • 1 Talamasca
  • 1 Tangerine Dream (also a bit of a surprise)
  • 2 Toad the Wet Sprocket
  • 5 Hol Baumann (Wow!)
  • 1 Aes Dana
  • 1 Scann Tec
  • 3 Vibrasphere

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