Wednesday, December 17, 2008


...Shhh... this is a secret, just for readers of this blog.  (...and, I guess, anyone who stumbles on it...)

I've posted a "pre-release" of my upcoming EP on the Archive. It's called "...Of Control", a play on my artist name ("inversion of control" is a term used in software design. One of the tracks includes a sample of me reading the definition of the term, though it's pretty muffled and difficult to pick out.)

It's only three of the four tracks, and I reserve the right to make more changes before the actual release date.  They are also relatively low-quality files, and there is no album-art associated with them.

...But it will give you an idea of what the final product will be like.

I'm proud of these tracks.  I put a lot of work into them (a lot of work!), and just felt like I really had to "get them out there", sooner than later. In fact, I've completed entire albums faster than I've written any one of these tracks. ...Well, early albums, anyway.  : ) While you may not like the style of this music, I hope you will at least find these tracks reasonably well-mastered, deeply textured, and filled with interesting details.


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Jeremy Rice said...

From the "It'll Be Just Fine Department"...

...The first track in the EP (Inversions) has a fubar at the end of it: a Pad that plays REALLY LOUD while everything is fading out.

I have NO idea how that got in there. ...It's definitely not on the Ableton Live version of the track. :) There is no use of that pad at all during that part of the song (in fact, it's only used at the very opening of the track, and at a very low volume). It's a fluke.

Of course, I'm usually in the habit of previewing my tracks before releasing them, and in this case, I noticed that one of the voices was carrying on a bit in the middle of the song. So I shortened that and re-rendered, and just assumed "Everything Will Be Okay". It was a really minor edit, I swear!

...And, of course, that futz-up crept into the render.

Of course.

...All said and done, I don't think it's really *ruined*... just a little less polished than I had hoped.