Monday, November 1, 2010


I made a post on a Synthtopia article where I mentioned, loosely, that we don't buy synths because of the sounds they make, but because of the message they send just by using them.  This is a combination of the state of mind they put us in to use, the "type" of sound they make and how that influences our music, and, of course, directly in how we "advertise" the synths we use.

I started wondering about the "message" of the synths I was touting in the last post... and even about the synths I'm presently using.  And keeping that in mind, I'm (once again) not sure I like the selection of synths I've come to.  :)

Synths that tell a clearer story of who I am are... mostly wavetable synths like Massive, Surge, Helix, and Rapture... but also the kind of "fringe-awesome" synths like Rhino, Zebra, and Blue.  I also think there are some synths who's sound lends itself to the updated-Berlin-school sound that I'm looking for: Predator and Albino 3 leap to mind.  And for drums, Microtonic and Drumaxx speak my language pretty loudly.

There are other synths that I don't "mind" the message much: Omnisphere is incredible (if a bit over-inflated), RMX similarly works because of its electronica slant.  FM8, Morphine, and Absynth aren't quite my "bag" in terms of lining up perfectly, but they're not too far off-target, either.

The whole of Komplete, though, kind of rubs me the wrong way.  It's massive in a bad way.  Hmmmn.  Perhaps I need to spend some time thinking about my message.  :)

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