Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vision Take Two

  • Novation controllers, because they are the best controllers available for reasonable money.
  • Blue microphones, because they are elegant, functional, and unique.
  • M-Audio monitors and interfaces, because they're cheap and they work.
  • Spectrasonics synths, because they sound better than anything else, and are really flexible.
  • Tone2 filters, because they sound better than any others, and the software has a superb interface.
  • Massive, because it's got one of the best interfaces to modulation I've seen, combined with a huge, wavetabliciously digital sound.
  • Vember Surge, because I love it: the WT sound, the interface, the modulations, the "I'm digital, now deal with it" attitude.
  • Audjoo Helix, because it sounds awesome, uses WTs, and takes so little CPU.
  • Rapture, because of it's uniquely digital sound.
  • MicroTonic, because it sounds great doing the "electronic percussion" thing.
  • Drumaxx, because it sounds great doing the physically-modeled percussion thing.
  • Ableton Live, because it has a great workflow, decent mastering tools, and an elegant interface.
...This "plan" will be setting aside some truly incredible synths, some of which I already own, but... I like the message this setup sends, I love the sounds, and I think this will be enough to keep me inspired for a long time.

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