Friday, May 2, 2008


Okay, truth be told: I am not a fan of Kraftwerk.  They're before my time, and I prefer the derivative works.

That said, I saw this post on how Kraftwerk concerts suck, and I couldn't disagree more (caveat: I've never been to one, 'cause I don't like the music).  Quote:

this is part of Kraftwerk's schtick - but people still want to see a show that kicks ass, and it just doesn't kick ass when it looks like the performers are checking their email!

That's like going to a pop art show at some museum and expecting to see beautiful paintings.  Yes, it's true that people want to see beautiful art... but

that's not the point.

Kraftwerk is making a statement, and from the sound of it, they do it perfectly.


[NP: 4 Ghosts 1, by Nine Inch Nails.  ...And, no, I don't really like this track.  The album is hit-or-miss, but I'm giving it a few chances before I cull the bits that don't work for me yet.  I don't think I'm supposed to like this track.  It's making a statement.]

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