Friday, May 2, 2008

Pseudo-review: Esem's Scateren

Recently, I downloaded Scateren for a fourth time.

I like some parts of it... but very few.

I can't get behind this album, despite the fact that I've kept trying, over the period of several years.  I know esem; I have since the very beginning... even before he was known as esem (I can tell you where the name esem came from).  I've had many conversations with him (albeit online).  I love-love-love his music.  But not this album.

When I try to put my finger on why, I can only come up with vague impressions... it's too light, for one.  It's too chaotic, there aren't the same kind of themes that I got out of his earlier stuff.  It's too polite.  I can get past--nay, I enjoy--the redundancy in some of esem's music, but on this album, it just comes across as tedious and lacking inspiration. I can still understand why someone might find it soulful and expressive... but it just doesn't click with me, personally.

That said, I really can't wait until esem releases another album. (It's been far too long already!).  I still have full faith in him.  He has a magic touch, a unique style, and a talent for expression.

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