Friday, May 2, 2008


I kinda miss Trash.

"Clean" sound isn't always "better" sound... sometimes an over-saturated signal sounds better than the real thing.  Like impOSCar's filter does *horrible* things to the signal itself... it doesn't behave!  But despite that, it seems to sound better than most filters.  The Virus's filter is similar.

It's kind of like the tendency for music these days to be over-compressed / limited.  When you look at the signal in an editor, it looks horrible!  There's very little information there, the signal is so hot.  ...And yet somehow it still sounds better than the music from 15 years ago, when post-production thought "clean" was still in.


I sometimes wonder what it would sound like if someone would build a synth with this in mind.  ...Not that they should let quality slide--no... just that they need to realize that a distorted signal sometimes sounds better.  What if you put distortion/saturation/ringmod on the OSCs, before the filter?  Or what if you had a multi-pole filter that distorted or saturated the sound between each stage?

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